Our Services

Our Services

We know it can be very expensive to get the IT services that you need to keep your office devices and network safe. That is why we have put together these monthly service plans for you. They are designed to save your business money and give you piece of mind. CALL US NOW to find out how to get started!

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Network Services

Install, Troubleshoot, Setup

  •   Routers: Cisco, Ubiquiti, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link
  •   Connectivity Troubleshooting
  •   Port vulnerabilities
  •   Network Traffic and Speed
  •   Network Provider verification


Troubleshooting, Repair, Setup

  •   HDD Failures
  •   Network connectivity troubleshooting
  •   Printing
  •   Graphics and Display issues
  •   Virus Removal


Troubleshooting, Repair, Install

  •   Print Failures
  •   Low quality print
  •   Maintenance kit installation
  •   Print failures
  •   Network connectivity

CALL US NOW and get started bringing the joy back into your life! Lets face it, 85% of our time is now spent in the digital world and can be frustrated by the many problems of printing, viruses, or slowness. Let us help you!

P: 832-548-0270